EDUSPARK is an international provider of quality enrichment and innovation in dual language instruction.

We believe that the ability to learn in English and Spanish opens up a world of possibilities to Spanish-speakers students and a brighter future for the economy. We believe that dual language and bilingual education is the cornerstone to ensuring the U.S. has a well-educated workforce well into the future.

EDUSPARK recognizes that educators, parents, and society need and want resources that help Spanish-speakers students achieve success.

EDUSPARK’s systematic tools and digital resources currently serve more than 700 Elementary Schools in the United States, 800 Elementary Schools and 1,000 Adult Education Centers in Mexico, and other schools in Central and South America.


Our Mission

EDUSPARK is dedicated to empowering teachers and students to reach their full potential through dual-language resources based on research in neuroscience and technology. Our systematic tools and learning resources increase students’ intellectual capacity, academic vocabulary and concept development in English and Spanish, motivation, communication, and collaborative skills.

EDUSPARK provides quality cognitive development and ongoing support so that educators have the tools and resources they need to help their Spanish-speaking students achieve success in school and in life.

Social Responsibility

EDUSPARK’s employees have developed great sensitivity to the needs of Spanish-language students in Mexico and the U.S. EDUSPARK engages its employees in social change and giving back to the community, primarily through community service projects that benefit students and teachers in low-income communities.

At the Centro Educativo Fundación San José, an elementary public school in Nuevo León, México, EDUSPARK donated services and products to train 20 teachers. Seven of our employees participated in this project. This benefited about 1,000 students through the non-profit Fundación Educativa San José, A.B.P.

EDUSPARK donated training and resources for volunteer parent-training courses in the Austin ISD. We will also donate materials and resources for a dual language summer camp for low-income children.

Education is our passion, and our vision is that better education will lead to a fairer, more humane, and more intelligent world.


Brain-Based Learning Approach

Taking advantage of the left and right different brain thinking processes can improve learning.
MT Aldrete explains that effective learning occurs when students:

1. Learn through senses and motion.
2. Represent reality with symbols using their imagination and emotions.
3. Using logical and critical thinking.
4. Applying their knowledge and language into projects.

When students have a strong foundation in concrete, symbolic, emotional, and social learning, they can move to the analytical-logical-critical thinking to deal successfully with problems, decision-making, projects, essays, or tests.

Teachers benefit from a dynamic learning environment that encourages students to enjoy learning and that actively assists them in reaching their potential.


EDUSPARK’s effective instructional design integrates meaningful principles that represent scientific understanding of how our brain works in the context of education.
This is a summary on BRAIN RULES by John Medina: Some rules to improve learning in school, work and home.

1. Doing exercise-movement.
2. We are better at seeing patterns than we are at recording details.
3. Emotional arousal helps the brain learn.
4. Brain needs repetition to remember. Information is remembered when it is elaborated, meaningful, and contextual.
5. The way to build long-term memory is to incorporate new information gradually and repeat it in timed intervals.
6. Stressed brains do not learn the same way.
7. Stimulate more of the senses at once.
8. Vision is by far our most dominant sense.
9. We can recognize and imitate patterns because of “mirror neurons” across our brain.

EDUSPARK’s dual language resources encourage students to virtually explore their world, challenge them to acquire dual-language academic vocabulary and concepts and to think critically. It also promotes curiosity, creativity, imagination and long-term retention, and helps to develop a lasting excitement about learning.

By delivering sensory, motor, and linguistic stimuli in English and Spanish, EDUSPARK promotes concrete and significant learning, so that a student can move through the analytical-logical-critical thinking processes and acquire knowledge. Neural development is supported and interdependent and integrated functioning of the left and right brain hemispheres is enhanced.

“People can learn by being told; they can learn by observing social models; they can learn through spatial navigation; they can learn through reinforcement; they can learn by exploration; and they can even learn implicitly without any intent or awareness they are learning at all. These pathways of learning engage different brain circuitry.” (Schwartz, Lindgren, & Lewis, 2009)

EDUSPARK brain-based digital curriculum increases overall academic achievement by improving:

• Oral language and reading skills
• Self-confidence
• Social skills
• Long-term memory
• Attention level
• Imagination and creativity
• Logical and analytical skills
• Art and music skills
• Problem solving skills
• Critical thinking
• Motivation to learn

These are just a few powerful
benefits for Teachers:

• Learn how to integrate the latest in children’s brain development research with best practices for dual language instruction.
• Leverage digital tools to enhance learning.
• Experience user-friendly brained-based PreK-8 digital resources in English and authentic Spanish.
• Learn vocabulary and concept development strategies (in English and Spanish).
• Reduce stress and increase educator effectiveness, impact, and productivity!
• Find out about activities that are designed using direct instruction, technology resources, whole-group and small group collaborative practices, and brain-based learning strategies.
• Save time to prepare lessons using authentic Spanish digital resources.
• Onsite and virtual Professional Development workshops available.

Research about Early Childhood Education

Studies by The Rand Corporation and the University of Wisconsin along with Steven Barnett at Rutgers University demonstrate that early childhood education for disadvantaged or low-English proficiency students will produce positive outcomes for school districts, including the following benefits:

• High school achievement – more likely to graduate from high school
• Less grade retention
• Reduced need for special education at a later age
• Less crime


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BETT Latin America Leadership Summit 2016

Ms. Laura Machuca
28 de OCTUBRE, 2016 3:50 - 4:15 pm Learn Live - Aula Interactiva
Title: Proyectos exitosos en la implementación de Contenido Digital curricular K-6, en idioma Español e Inglés, basado en Neurociencias.

Casos reales de adopción de contenido curricular digital enfocados en desarrollar competencias de acuerdo al programa oficial, así como habilidades del idioma inglés, en la educación pública y privada de México y Estado Unidos. Demostrar una propuesta basada en principios científicos de la neuropsicología para lograr un aprendizaje efectivo en el alumno y una solución al reto de la actualización docente en el uso e integración de tecnología en el aula.

43rd International MEXTESOL Convention 2016
27 al 30 de OCTUBRE, 2016 - CINTERMEX MONTERREY, N.L., - STAND 28 & 29

Ms. Laura Machuca
29 de OCTUBRE, 2016 4:00 - 4:50 pm Room 302
Title: Successful projects using K-6 Digital Content aligned to State and National Standards, in English and Spanish, based in Neuroscience research.

Real cases of digital content adoption aligned to State and National Standards to develop language and thinking skills, as well as English language acquisition, in public and private schools of Mexico and the United States. The presenter will demonstrate how neuroscience principles reach the student’s effectiveness and long term learning and how to solve the challenge on teacher’s training to integrate technology into the classroom.

Join us to discover how Ms. Leticia Salinas ( Kindergarten Bilingual Teacher) and Ms. Gabriela Campos (2nd. Grade Bilingual Teacher) integrate STEM digital resources in their Dual Language Classroom

All in for K-12 Biliteracy! A real demonstration of Austin ISD Elementary Teachers using digital resources to promote language & STEM skills in dual language classrooms.

Madison Room, Oct 19th 12:45 pm Session,

Time to Celebrate! The Cognitive Edge of Biliteracy
¡Es hora de celebrar! La ventaja cognitive de la biliteracidad
January 20-21, 2017 - South Padre Island Convention Center

Ms. Laura Machuca and Ms. Leticia Salinas
January 20, 2017 3:00pm - 4:15pm Exhibit Hall-Keynote Room

Estrategias de Lectura y Desarrollo de Lenguaje en Español, utilizando contenido digital y metodología basadas en las Neurociencias, para un aprendizaje efectivo. A demonstration of a Pre-K/Kinder Experienced Teacher using digital resources to promote language skills for Spanish and English Early Learners in dual language classrooms.

Teachers will demonstrate Pre-K/Kinder digital program for English-Spanish language acquisition and reinforce "Lectura y Fonética en Español" using cross curricular content through daily engaging lessons. Teachers will share multisensory techniques based on Neuoscience apporoach to expand and comprehend LA, Math & Science, oral language, concepts and academic vocabulary.

February 22nd - 25, 2017- Hilton Anatole- Dallas, TX

Ms. Laura Machuca, Ms. Leticia Salinas and Mrs. Gabriela Campos
Feb 25th, 2017. 8:00 -9:50 am Coronado Ballroom A
Title: Successful Technology Users share their Best Practices to Promote Biliteracy Cognitive Advantages in PK-8 Dual Language Classrooms.

This workshop share ideas, experiences, techniques, strategies, and technology that could help your school when having Dual Language Classrooms. Teachers will make real daily engaging lessons in Language Arts and Science, to show how they are working at Wooten Elementary School AISD in dual language classrooms while integrating effectively use of this Neuroscience approach and technology to expand and comprehend knowledge and language, increasing academic vocabulary and reading fluency. STEAM Teachers and Robotics experts will conduct this Workshop: Integrating Technology & Best Practices for Dual Language Classrooms to foster Cognitive Skills.


October 10-13, 2018, Dallas, Texas, Hilton Anatole Hotel

Dr. Luis A. Rosado and Laura Machuca

Title: Proclamation 2019 – Lengua, Ritmo y Cultura K-1 & 4-5 – Spanish Language Arts Resources Eligible for Adoption

A demonstration of the Online Platform and printed materials (Textbooks and Workbooks) for Elementary School eligible for SLAR Adoption. These resources were created based on 2017 SLAR TEKS by experienced Hispanic authors and educators. An explanation on some interesting characteristics of these materials are the Neuroscience Approach of Learning, the cross-curricular and cultural relevance content, and the Platform’s Reading Test and Tools that support STAAR. Teachers and administrators will be provided with log-in user and password to explore and to learn about student’s progress tracking and results reports at Classroom-School-District Level.


EDUSPARK has been recognized by “The 20th INTERNATIONAL LATINO BOOK AWARDS: Two Decades of Recognizing Greatness in Books By & For Latinos”

The award winning product in the “EBOOKS & AUDIO AWARDS Best Children’s Picture eBook Category” was Sparkid by EDUSPARK Basic English Lessons - Workbook Level D by Laura Machuca & Rosario Sepúlveda.

The Awards Ceremony was held in September 8, 2018 at the Dominguez Ballroom at California State University, Los Angeles, CA.

K-12 Bilingual Language Arts and STEAM Digital Content to empower teachers and students
By Laura Machuca and Giovanni Paoli

Participants will get ideas, techniques, resources and strategies to apply brain-based learning approach and technology to promote better outcomes in K-12 Dual Language Classrooms. Presenters are going to share neuroscience principles, K-2 videos of dual language classrooms and Special Education Centers integrating digital content and best practices that empower teachers to guide their students for effective lifelong learning.

Digital Content Products will be awarded for winners of Games and Raffle during the presentation.

Albuquerque Convention Center March 2, 2018 2:10 - 3:00 PM Isleta Room



K-5 Lengua, ritmo y cultura by
K-5 Sparkid by
PK-2 Lector by EDUSPARK
3-8 EDUSPARK Science-Ciencias
PK-5 EDUSPARK Social Studies/ Estudios Sociales
PK-2 Sparkiddos! Afterschool / EDUSPARK Summer Camp
PK-2 BRAINET Neuromotor - Audiomotor GROSS MOTOR SKILLS & SEL

Award winning Spanish and English K-8 Digital Curriculum for Dual Language and Bilingual Models

EDUSPARK provides educators with a robust array of multisensory and structured K-8 Digital Curriculum for Bilingual and Dual Language Models.

EDUSPARK’s blend educational software, workbooks, teacher workshops and other materials, offers elementary schools the most comprehensive, customizable, brain-based, and innovative dual language resources.

These products deliver sensorial, cognitive, and linguistic stimuli in English and authentic Spanish. Each product supports neural development and enhances the interdependent and integrated functioning of the left and right brain hemispheres to attain permanent knowledge and skills.

EDUSPARK’s proven learning methodologies enable students to achieve success because of the multisensory dual language stimuli and knowledge application strategies through significant learning and critical thinking.

Students will enjoy learning with EDUSPARK and teachers will see accelerated achievement in both academic vocabulary and concept development.

Dual Language Digital Curriculum to achieve unlimited possibilities.

EDUSPARK gives educators highly effective dual language resources and tools that enhance cognitive, affective, social, and motor skills. These multisensory, dual language resources and strategies successfully teach reading, language, science, math, and other subjects for PK-8 Spanish-speakers students.

EDUSPARK gives students a rich language foundation and learning skills that are essential for lasting knowledge so Hispanic students can achieve unlimited possibilities.

EDUSPARK gives teachers training on how to integrate the latest in children’s brain development research along with best practices in Dual Language Instruction.

Our relationships with customers are always long-term and sustainable because we focus on offering educators compelling value. The evidence of benefits to the student population and high parental satisfaction is so overwhelming that 95% of our customers are repeat customers and contract our services again and again every school year.

We have invested in expanding our customer base, brand, and infrastructure as we move forward in establishing EDUSPARK as the leading cognitive, dual language brand.

Education is our passion, and our vision is that better education will lead to a fairer, more humane, and more intelligent world.

EDUSPARK promotes best practices in Dual Language Instruction:

• State Objectives, pose Questions, and define Vocabulary. • Choose EDUSPARK resources. • Engage and connect to prior knowledge or experiences. • Hands-on activities using five senses stimulate interest and joy in learning. • Promote and develop academic language and thinking skills throughout the lesson. Students listen, visualize, and repeat vocabulary, synonyms, and antonyms. • Explore using multi-sensory approaches. • Teacher explains concepts. Students read and write using complete sentences. • Students share new knowledge in pairs, in small groups, or with the whole class. • Students expand and apply new learning, use academic language, and pose questions. • Teacher guides, monitors, and evaluates.

K-5 Authentic Spanish Language Arts Program
Proclamation 2019 eligible grades* for adoption

  • Lengua, ritmo y cultura KIT is a Spanish Language Arts Online Platform with print components: Textbook, Workbook and Teacher's Guide.

    Powerful tools to provide bilingual and dual language students differentiated instruction and early intervention.

  • Lengua, ritmo y cultura Online Platform offers:

    Student Progress Tracking and Results Report by Classroom- School- District Level

    Embedded TEKS Mapping Tool and Word Search

    Assessment component STAAR formatted designed by experts with decades of experience in developing Spanish reading state assessments.

  • The content, technology and neuroscience-based methodology offer the best instructional design for Spanish language literacy.

    Enable struggling readers opportunities to achieve grade-level competency.

    Cross-curricular and Cultural Relevance Authentic Spanish Content created by experienced Hispanic authors and educators

  • Engage the visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile pathways to the brain for effective learning.

    Brain connections are being strengthened through repetition!

    Easy step-by-step implementation process.

    Tutorials and videos to successfully apply in any classroom.

Pdf TEKS Alignment Video
  • Sparkito! is an easy to use digital curriculum specifically built for Pre-K & K Bilingual and Dual Language classrooms. It is designed to promote oral language development, academic vocabulary and content mastery in both English and Spanish.

  • Sparkito!contains multimedia content mixing song with vocabulary reinforcement and student activities arranged in thematic units and instantly translatable (audio and on-screen text) in English and Spanish for ESL, Bilingual or Dual Language students.

  • Sparkito! offers an auditory stimulation with native English and Spanish language pronunciation, systematized Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Music resources, brain-based methodology, and digital tools that help Bilingual or Dual Language students develop oral language, academic vocabulary and thinking skills.

flipping books
  • Lector by EDUSPARK is and effective Spanish literacy development program for early childhood in the emergent, beginning and instructional stages. With digital and print components.

  • Lector by EDUSPARK emphasizes oral communication, vocabulary enrichment, sight-reading and phonics while stimulating the simultaneous thinking processes of the brain to accelerate the literacy development stages, increase reading fluency and comprehension. It has five levels of difficulty.

  • Lector by EDUSPARK offers an auditory stimulation with authentic pronunciation of the Spanish language, systematized resources, brain-based methodologies and digital tools to help students to develop Spanish foundations such as oral language, vocabulary, phonics, and beginner reading skills.


Supporting academic needs during ASP occur in a fun way!

  • Often, school districts struggle to design, operate, or contract after school programs (ASP) that help English Language Learners(ELL) to develop, explore, and have fun in a safe and educational environment. Their challenge is to obtain better results in schools with high Hispanic populations, and their main concern is that the ASP enriches and reinforces academic needs.

    EDUSPARK afterschool digital resources enhance PK-1 English and Spanish language acquisition throughout cross-curricular can help students that really need additional curricular support during the ASP.

  • According to renowned language-acquisition researcher, Dr. Stephen Krashen (Krashen, 1981), students who spend their day in mainstream classrooms may not understand all the messages communicated. They must receive “comprehensible input” (messages they can hear and understand) about their academic subjects, delivered in a way that stimulates sensorial, motor, and language skills.

  • • Available in USB format: each teacher can install the content up to five computers (PC or Mac).
    • Or delivered as downloadable software or web based access.
    • Site license available upon request.
    • Professional Development is available (Half-day or One-day Workshop).

  • Through EDUSPARK afterschool students receive a variety of motor, linguistic, and cognitive stimuli that connect neurons to accelerate neurological development for lifelong learning.

  • EDUSPARK afterschool is customizable to your needs. We can train your teachers or volunteers. Example of an ASP two-hour schedule using EDUSPARK afterschool:

    10 min. Warm-up or icebreaking activities
    20 min. Gross motor skills
    10 min. Recess
    20 min. Spanish Language Arts- Reading focused
    10 min. Digital activities and games
    10 min. Recess
    15 min. Math songs and games
    15 min. Hands-on activities
    10 min. Closing Time using Music resources
Pdf TEKS Alignment Video


  • MAS is a digital resources collection of Math, Science, and Music to enrich the imagination and thinking skills, from an early age, in a meaningful, effective and permanent learning, through animations, songs and interactive activities that impact on a neurological level, due to its effective pedagogical design.

    It is a flexible program for teacher´s planning, according to the needs and interests of the group.

    All the material is in English and in Spanish.

  • MAS is divided in:

    – 6 sections including songs, tutorials, or games
    • Numbers
    • Operations
    • Counting Patterns
    • Geometry
    • Patterns
    • Measurement

  • Arts
    – 5 sections including Sing & Learn, Solfa, Activities, and Concerts
    • Introduction to Music
    • Sound, Silence, and Vibration
    • Sound Timbre
    • Musical Instruments
    • Rhythm and Words

  • Science
    – 6 sections including songs or tutorials
    • Matter
    • Living Things
    • Ecosystems
    • Space
    • Planet Earth

Pdf TEKS Alignment Video

K-3 Bilingual or Dual Language Digital Resources with brain-based learning and language acquisition

  • Comprendo! is an easy to use scaffolding digital curriculum for Spanish and English instruction across K-3 Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Music content. Math and Science digital content are aligned to TEKS.

  • Comprendo! combines interactive media, music, Tier 2 academic vocabulary, formative assessment, and student activities for Bilingual or Dual Language! students. All instructional content is instantly switchable between English and Spanish.

  • Comprendo! provides educators with brain-based learning and language acquisition supplemental instructional resources.

Pdf Video

Learn PK-5 SS Academic Vocabulary aligned to State or National Standards!

  • Sparkid by EDUSPARK is an English as a Second Language digital collection. Supplemental instructional material suggested for PK-5 LEPS focus in Listening, Speaking (vocabulary and oral language development) and Reading (Comprehension and response skills). It has seven Levels: A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

    It is available digitally in an electronic USB format. Consumable workbooks as hard copy or print license are available.

  • It offers an auditory stimulation with native pronunciation of the English language, with systematized resources, brain-based methodologies and digital tools to help ESL’s students to develop English foundations such as oral language, vocabulary, phonics and beginner reading skills.

  • The digital content is organized in 7 learning levels. Each level contains 16 topics for 10 days each. Each level has the following areas:

    a. Reading, Listening, and Writing (Sing and Learn, Vocabulary, Activities, Reading Step by Step)
    b. Speaking & Comprehension (Speaking Videos, Commands)
    c. Phonics (The Alphabet)
    d. Games (Memory and Matching Games)

  • Technical specifications of the digital content:

    • Plug-n-play USB device. No installation or download required.
    • System requirements: Intel Dual Core, 1.6 GHz processor or higher, 4 GB RAM, 4 GB free disk, USB 2.0 port.
    • Internet is not required.

Pdf Video

Learn PK-5 SS Academic Vocabulary aligned to State or National Standards!

  • EDUSPARK Social Studies is an interactive Academic Vocabulary game system in English and Spanish written and aligned to State and National Standards based word and PBL. These words scaffold throughout the system for vocabulary enrichment. EDUSPARK Social Studies is organized in 6 Lesson-Units per grade. All content is available in English and Spanish per each grade PK-5.

  • Each Lesson-Unit contains six interactive vocabulary activities or games. You can change anytime between English and Spanish. The vocabulary words sections will show images and audio. You can change from auto to manual mode; with voice or without voice; without image or without word, or use it with all features.

  • • Available in USB format: each teacher can install the content up to five computers (PC or Mac).
    • Or delivered as downloadable software or web based access.
    • Site license available upon request.
    • Professional Development is available (Half-day or One-day Workshop).

Pdf Contents Video

Award-Winning 4-8 Math, Science, and Social Studies Digital Curriculum aligned to State Standards

  • Claro ESS! is an easy to use scaffolding Math, Science and Social Studies digital curriculum in English with Spanish components for all objectives, warm-up pieces, terms, definitions, and formative questions.

  • Claro ESS! moves your Spanish-dominant speakers from dual-language reliance to grade-level TEKS expectations across Math, Science and Social Studies. Formative and Summative Assessments + Tier 2 ELAR-based Academic Vocabulary for ESL and ELL students. Claro! comes in an easy to use Plug n’ Teach technology.

  • With courses in Math, General Science, Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, World History, World Cultures, and Early American History, Claro ESS! provides instruction for every school year day through an innovative combination of print, media and English-Spanish components such as vocabulary and assessments, that will engage and challenge your ESL and ELL students.

Pdf TEKS Alignment
flipping books

Hispanic students will make extraordinary gains in Science vocabulary and concept comprehension!

  • EDUSPARK [Science-Ciencias] offers digital content aligned to TEKS for grades 3-8. This supplemental instructional material supports Bilingual and Dual Language Programs due its unique feature to switch between English and Spanish at any time to help Spanish-speaker students develop meaningful academic vocabulary and thinking skills.

  • EDUSPARK [Science-Ciencias] is organized in 12 units. Lessons include videos, songs, interactive activities synonyms, antonyms, games, experiments, and assessments.

  • ¡Potencializa el rendimiento físico e intelectual!


    Es un programa que respeta el proceso natural del desarrollo motor del niño, buscando la potencialidad corporal y el desarrollo de habilidades motoras básicas que permitan que el niño alcance mayor madurez neurológica y mayor rendimiento físico e intelectual.

    • Consolida los patrones básicos de movimiento.
    • Desarrolla las habilidades básicas para el deporte.
    • Eleva potencialidad corporal y madurez neurológica.
    • Favorece la integración sensorial para lograr un mayor nivel de atención, concentración y seguimiento de instrucciones.
    • Desarrolla el lenguaje interior que permite organizar instrucciones que exigen una respuesta motora.

  • ¡Imagen Corporal, Ritmo y Movimiento!


    Programa de expresión corporal que incluye canto, baile, actividades para desarrollar el autodominio corporal, elevar el nivel de atención y concentración, además de promover la creatividad.

    • Favorece el autodominio corporal, toma conciencia del cuerpo en movimiento.
    • Aumenta la expresión corporal.
    • Desarrolla estereotipos verbal-motores.
    • Permite la representación de imágenes corporales por medio de patrones auditivo-visual-motora y auditivo-verbal-motora.
    • Mejora la atención, concentración y seguimiento de instrucciones.
    • Desarrolla el lenguaje simbólico.

  • !Buena Letra – Automatizada!


    Es un programa de escritura que asegura el desarrollo de habilidades viso-motoras que permiten la integración y automatización de los engramas básicos de la escritura, así como habilidades técnicas de manipulación.

    • Escribir eficientemente con buena letra.
    • Formar buenos hábitos de postura corporal.
    • Ubicar el espacio y llevar un buen ritmo de trabajo.
    • Modular la fuerza y la presión al tomar el color, el lápiz o pluma.
    • Favorecer la coordinación ojo-mano.
    • Desarrollar la lateralidad y direccionalidad.



Video Video

"Our School is part of AISD's Dual Language Program, and our students are highly engaged when learning with EDUSPARK’s materials."

Ron Bolek, Former Principal
Wooten Elementary School
A Recognized school of Austin ISD

"EDUSPARK learning system is the most complete bilingual curriculum using validated brain-research-based instructional practices that teachers can apply to promote student's learning and development."

Corporation for Public School Education K-16, Registered External Evaluator
What Works Clearinghouse
Omar S. López, Ph.D.

"Without doubt, my staff was very impressed with EDUSPARK because it is such a user-friendly and complete package to use at a pilot school of the Dual Language Program in AISD."

Ridgetop Elementary School
Joaquin Gloria, Principal
A Recognized school of Austin ISD

Sparkito is a very engaging program to help build vocabulary and content knowledge in bilingual classrooms. I got and overview on the 5E model, best practices in English and Spanish, and how to use Sparkito to plan meaningful lessons. It's so important to immerse children in new vocabulary and concepts over a prolonged period and many, many times. I will use Sparkito and Comprendo to enhance my teaching and support my students. I will also use the Lesson Plan format to help in my planning. Laura was very engaging. The program seems to have been very thoughtfully created and I look forward to using it.

Travis Heights Elementary School Austin ISD
K-2 Reading Specialist

Our students are highly engaged when learning with EDUSPARK’s materials.

Ron Bolek/Principal
Wooten Elementary School
A Recognized School Austin ISD

Without a doubt, my staff was very impressed with EDUSPARK because it is such a user-friendly and complete package to use in our Dual Language Program.

Joaquin Gloria/ Principal
Ridgetop Elementary School
A Recognized School Austin ISD

EDUSPARK has now become a very useful tool in my Spanish classes. My students have learned a wide vocabulary with excellent pronunciation. Children enjoy the audiovisual material, the songs, and the interactive activities, especially when they get to participate using the electronic whiteboard. Everyone in my class is eager to participate, and their attention and interest level have improved.
With EDUSPARK, I have noticed that my students learn faster, and when I review the material of earlier month’s lessons, I am quite surprised to discover that their retention level is at over 80%.
EDUSPARK is an innovative and creative tool that has renewed my approach to teaching, and I am convinced of its effectiveness in the learning process of my students.

Ana Wallace / Pre-K Spanish Teacher
Austin International School
Austin, Texas

We used EDUSPARK [reading] and [toddlers] programs, in 04-05 school year, to teach Spanish to our 2-5 year old students, and we were pleasantly surprised with the results. They were even learning words they previously didn’t know in English. I feel this method breaks all traditional teaching structures, and stimulates sensorial perception for kids to learn in a creative, fun, fast, and effective way.

Nancy Baron / Spanish teacher
Saint John Lutheran Early Childhood School
Houston, Texas

Worth your time. Anything that you can go implement is worthwhile and this was. Great way to give students experiences and develop their vocabulary to take them to the highest understand. A very easy way to understand and use the 5E's. I will definitely use in my dual language classroom. Very user friendly. I will take back to classroom.

Sunset Valley Elementary School Austin ISD
1st Grade Teacher

Use of movement and music helps internalize vocabulary. I like pictorial vocabulary and questions to help with class discussion and bilingual pairing.

Galindo Elementary School Austin ISD
Cristina Lopez

User friendly for teachers and students. Engages students. Makes learning fun and accessible to every student. Easy to navigate. Useful teaching materials. Learning made fun. I will use it on a daily basis in my classroom. Great to have easy access to material that can work in the classroom.

Ridgetop Elementary School Austin ISD
Kindergarten Teacher

It's a great resource to combine different content areas, using good practices for ELL's and integrating sheltered instruction. Tomorrow, I will start using it with students. Me gusta como los contenidos de distintas áreas están conectados. Además el hecho de usar TPRI ayuda a hacer el puente entre ambas lenguas.

Andrew Elementary School Austin ISD
Blanca G. 3rd grade Teacher

Matching gestures and rhythm with content makes content comprehensible and long lasting.

Widen Elementary School Austin ISD
Cristina Ramirez 2nd grade

It gives you a lot of resources not only for teachers and students, but also for parents.

Widen Elementary School Austin ISD
Kindergarten Teacher

Follows the TEKS and is in both languages!!!

Galindo Elementary School Austin ISD
1st Grade Teacher

I would like to use Comprendo as soon as possible in first grade. I got a lot of techniques to use Bloom's taxonomy on my daily teaching. New insights: ritmo, repetición, nuevo vocabulario, mimic, body representation. I will practice what I have learned, using imagination. Very good training. I like both software programs. They are practical, attractive (music, mimic) and easy to use. I would like a specific Science and Math training for 1st and 2nd graders.

Widen Elementary School Austin ISD
Kindergarten Teacher

It gives you a lot of resources not only for teachers and students, but also for parents.

Linder Elementary School Austin ISD

I got both, research based and strategies that make this program useful. Incorporate more technology to support regular lessons. I will use this program to develop and create and lead subjects/ objectives.

Sunset Valley Elementary School Austin ISD
PK Teacher

You need to see this program. You'll use it every day! I learned how to get in and operate the program. New insight: andamiaje= scaffolding. I will let my students use this in centers. I will plan and use to explain lessons. Awesome! It's been a long time coming.

Travis Heights Elementary School Austin ISD
Kindergarten Teacher

Overall understanding of how brain research is integrated with the 5E model to help students learn. I will turn the training around the teachers.

Langford Elementary School Austin ISD

I was very pleased and feel very comfortable about using Sparkito, not only with my ELLs but also with my English speakers. It just makes learning more enjoyable.

Conley Elementary School Aldine ISD
Kindergarten Teacher

This is a great brain research program. These methodologies would not only benefit our Hispanic Students group but also the A.A. Student group who we are nall struggling to reach. This would be a wonderful teaching tool for ALL PK-K classrooms to lay the foundation for learning in all content areas.

Kujawa Elementary School Aldine ISD
Sonia Pace Assistant Principal

Very useful software to use in the classroom! Should be offered to regular classrooms too!

Black Elementary School Aldine ISD
Kindergarten Teacher

Research based, activities are engaging and students like learning from technology. I wil add this into my lesson plan. Interesting knowing how the brain learns, this helps to plan using step by step activities to reach the goals.

Alvarado Elementary South School Alvarado ISD
Kindergarten Teacher

I was very pleased and feel very comfortable about using Sparkito, not only with my ELLs but also with my English speakers. It just makes learning more enjoyable.

Reece Elementary School Aldine ISD
Kindergarten Teacher

It can easily be combined with the SLOP model. The video are excellent for engaging students. Levels 3 and 4 of learnings are great! I would like the Sparkito for Pre k.

Angela G. Leal Elementary School San Benito CISD
1st grade Teacher

I got knowledge and ideas how to use Comprendo and how to use it. Teachers can use this for non-bilingual students too. Give teacher ideas. I learned a lot about the program. How to use it and even notice that we can use these to teach all our students not only Bilingual. I liked materials and worksheets.

Frank Roberts Elementary School San Benito CISD

Sparkito ESS! Is by far the Best Dual Language resource which provides engaging, interactive and academically excellent activities in all subject areas! Sparkito es un milagro y una respuesta de mis oraciones. Los estudiantes y las maestras se benefician mucho con los recursos que ofrece.

Lily B. Clayton Elementary School Fort Worth ISD
Kindergarten Teacher

This is a wonderful way to enjoy teaching both languages. It is fun, colorful and has a wide variety of ideas and resources to choose. Mis estudiantes merecer un programa así de efectivo. A mí me ayuda cuando hago mi planeación semanal.

Burton Hill Elementary School Fort Worth ISD
Kindergarten Teacher

I liked the fun way to bringing the content to the students. I got a lot of info on how to use Comprendo and Sparkito. I plan to use on a daily bases with students

M.S. Ryan Elementary School Laredo ISD
3rd grade Teacher




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